Restoring Old Furniture at Your Home

Restoring Old Furniture at Your Home

Furniture can become a priceless heirloom for your Singaporean family if you properly care for it.

Over the years, as furniture gets old, you will see the lustre and aesthetics fade away. Maybe you have bought the best Furniture Singapore has ever seen, but it can lose its beauty over time. No furniture can withstand the clutches of time or wear and tear.

All you can do is maintain it and eventually restore it. With a few cleanings, re-amalgamation and refinishing, your furniture can look like it did before.

Look at the steps in which you can restore your furniture at home.

Step 1: Clean the Furnishing

Sometimes the easiest way to restore your old Furniture in Singapore is to indulge in a thorough cleaning process. Your piece probably requires deep cleaning using at-home products. You can choose to buy high-end commercial cleaners, but ensure to choose oil-based wood-specific ones.

This way, you can cut through thick layers of dirt. Furthermore, you can wax the product’s surface and lock in the shine.

Once you have brought back the old lustre using the oil, you can use warm water with liquid detergent. You need to soak a cloth and rinse the base of the furniture piece. Again, you will need a soft cloth found in local stores in Singapore to dry the wood to avoid water damage.

Step 2: Re-Amalgamation of Your Furniture

Old furniture might have scratches on its surfaces or cracks. Along with that, the wood could have an effect that makes the surface look dull. When it happens, the natural outcome of your piece can go beyond repair.

To repair this finish, you will need to understand the re-amalgamation process. The Singaporean market saw a whopping hike in the sales value of new furniture. Yet, there is a timeless beauty in old furniture.

So, it would be a wise idea to restore instead of disposing of it. The imperfections can become perfect if you follow the proper technique of using solvents and brushing the surface.

You need to use a solvent and apply it to the surface. There should be a glossy finish that you can buff out as per your need. It will hide the cracks and make your old furniture beautiful again.

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Step 3: Give the Furniture a New Finish

Any old furniture restoration will include the refinishing step. Here you need to apply new stains and brush them to give it a new finish. However, you will need to fill the cracks and use 120-grit sandpaper from your handy Singaporean hardware store.

You need to use a brush with natural bristles and apply the stain on the furniture. After that, you can apply the sealer and keep it untouched for a day.

Then, the next day you will need 220-grit sandpaper to apply the finish. It will indeed bring back the lost sheen of the furniture.

The Bottom Line

No matter how expensive or impressive your furniture is, it requires proper restoration. Old furniture can surpass the beauty of the best Furniture Singapore has ever seen, only if you maintain it.

To maintain it, you need to clean it regularly and keep it polished. However, you need to clean it thoroughly and refinish it accordingly to restore old furniture. You can then start the process of re-amalgamation after gaining insight from a furniture store in Singapore.

These techniques of restoring old furniture will bring back the lustre and keep it aesthetic. Now, you can turn it into a beautiful and rewarding family heirloom.