Choose The Most Flattering Chemo Hats To Fit Your Style And Face Shape

Choose The Most Flattering Chemo Hats To Fit Your Style And Face Shape

Chemotherapy can take away your hair, but it has no right to stop you from living with style. Over time, your hair becomes an essential part of your entire style and fashion sense. Losing it can be one of the most traumatic and challenging effects cancer brings to your life.

But hey! Every hindrance is an opportunity in disguise to bring out the fashionista in you! You can go traditional or start a rage with hats for cancer patients for different face shapes.

It’s a hunch that you’ll choose the latter!

How to Identify Your Face Shape?

Your face is like an identity card of your body. Merely keeping it wouldn’t load you with the benefits. Moreover, you can’t know what you can pull off unless your face shape allows it.

That’s why you have to come to terms with your facial alignment and figure out which category it belongs to!

Oh, and before you begin, keep a notepad with a pen and a measuring tape handy!

  • Forehead: See your fit across the broadest part of your forehead between your hairline and eyebrows.
  • Cheekbones: Check around the outer corner of the eyes for the pointiest part of your face.
  • Jawline: No matter if you found Anne Hathaway your look-alike on Cosmopolitan, you still need the measurement. Just measure from the sharpest point of your chin to the most angular curve around the ear.
  • Face Length: The length can make all the difference, whether it’s the heels or scarves. To get the most accurate result, measure from the centre of your hairline inception to the tip of your chin.

So, you jotted down all the measurements? It’s time to style the beauty in you!

What are the Best Styles You Can Choose from Chemo Hats?

Hair loss isn’t merely a change in appearance. Instead, it’s a loss of identity. Hats for cancer patients allow you to bring back confidence with empowerment and, of course, style.

Here’s how you turn your loss into gain with panache!

1. Oval Shape

You have an Oval shape if you got the measurements for cheeks broader than your forehead and face length more than the width.

Style: Congratulations because you got the shape that most people will die for. Almost every type suits your profile. Although, keep in mind the height of your cap. It can ruin the perfect symmetry your face shape has.

2. Square Face

Is that a strong jawline, broad forehead, and equal measure from forehead to chin and cheek-to-cheek? Well, it’s fair to call your face square!

Style: Since your features are sharp, you’ll need curves to soften them. Hats with feminine outlines and circular edges are perfect for you!

3. Round Features

Plump cheeks and a fuller face are definitive of your circular face shape.

Style: Prefer the types which bring length to your face structure. Although, stay away from hats slimmer than your face.

4. Heart-Shaped

You must be a darling to get the face with a broad forehead, narrow cheekbones, and chin as the slimmest part of the face.

Style: Choose the type that focuses on narrowing the forehead and balances out the slim chin.

Wrapping Up

Whether it’s your first time shopping hats for cancer patients or you want to renew your wardrobe, be confident! Your hair loss should only define your style and not your identity.

The final tip? The art of wearing an appropriate face hat is in balancing the facial features through the cap.