“Open Blinds,Alexa” Google, Close Blinds”

“Open Blinds,Alexa” Google, Close Blinds”

 Looking for the latest home tech?

Then it’s time to add electric roller blinds to your list. Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home – these easy to install blinds are perfect for just about any room in the house.

Smart-tech in the home is becoming increasingly popular and will only continue to innovate as we demand more from brands. From video doorbells to voice operated lights and everything in between, we’re becoming a nation of at-home gadget lovers.

It’s easy to get carried away with installing the latest smart-tech or thinking this is just a phase. What’s important here is that smart-tech should be exactly that and not a fad that will fade. Electric roller blinds are practical and functional in their use. There may be a room in the house with windows that are a bit tricky to access or it’s more about convenience. Think about the times you have to reach over the kitchen sink to draw the blinds or spend time fiddling with each and every window of the conservatory. Electric roller blinds will solve all of those everyday challenges with one upgrade to your home interior.

And before you think that smart blinds will only come in a limited range of colours, think again. There are hundreds of styles, prints and shades to choose from. So, whether you’ve got a colour scheme in mind or want a neutral tone to match any décor, it’s worth browsing before you buy. The best news? Electric roller blinds are easy to install and will be made to measure to fit any window in your house.

Bedroom bliss

Snooze away in the morning or unwind after a long day. Whether it’s morning or night, you don’t need to worry about getting out of bed to fuss with the blinds. Smart-controlled blinds just need your voice to open or close as you relax. These easy to install blinds can be made to fit any window and come in range of bold brights to nice and natural colours to suit your bedroom interior.

Kitchen craze

A lot of smart-home devices or technology may be in the kitchen. From voice-controlled ovens to having your smart device ready for a recipe, this is one place in the house that really makes intelligent technology worth investing in. Electric roller blinds are perfect for kitchen windows which are often placed behind the sink. With smart-controlled blinds, there will be no more leaning over – just ask Amazon Alexa or Google Home to do take care of it.


A place of calm and comfort, conservatories are built on having several windows. Each one needing some shade from the summer sun when it gets too much or to keep in the warmth through winter days. Instead of having to turn to every window to close the blinds, electric roller blinds mean you can simply open and close conveniently through your voice.