No-click Searches: New Methods To Measure SEO Results

From a search engine to the recent walled-garden- a revolutionary path has been traveled by us.

With the emerging methods to measure SEO results by zero clicks, one can go back and generate the lost traffic in Google easily.

A recent study says some 20% are paid search, organic search contains 32%, and 48% searches are no-click, which means this covers the major portion. Even in Media, 63% are no-click Google searches. Digital marketing Columbus Ohio explains Google’s SERP mechanism where one does not require using the URLs.

No-click is a more convenient option and a new method to measure SEO searches. Digital marketing agency Columbus gives you ample reasons to choose it over the organic search traffic. ‘Zero clicks’ are so named because of their zero position.

All About Zero Click SERP

Before we analyze why it is important to use no-click searches, let us know about Search Engine Results Pages, which contain media elements, paid aids, and featured snippets. In recent times, all these have successfully replaced clicking on search results.

According to Columbus digital marketing agency, by means of SERP or featured snippets, one can get the displayed answer at the upper section of a search result in Google. This is popular in voice searches and mobile.

Types Of Zero Click Searches

Columbus digital marketing company uses no-click searches for the following.

Searches related to Database

The Database includes time zones, time, date, currency conversion, information on products and people, their age, etc.

Searches For Encyclopedia or Dictionary

This section mostly contains meaning, synonyms, antonyms, parts of speech, or definitions for something.

Searches Regarding Directions Or Maps

It could be anything from a particular location or something ‘near me’ kind of searches.

Pros And Cons of Using No-click Searches To Measure Search Engine Optimization

  1.    The answers of no-click searches being in a nutshell, remove the requirement to further search and click upon any organic search.
  2.    Users need to spend less time on a no-click option.
  3.    No click searches have a detrimental effect on content creators like us or SEOs that still take the help of organic traffic for their business.
  4.    Sometimes, featured snippets are too common to rely on.
  5.    These zero-click options can also hurt organic traffic searches on recipes.

What Is The Way Forward?

Technological up-gradation cannot be paused and compromised. As Google changes its algorithm frequently, changes are bound to happen. Probably, the aptest way out is to adapt to the changes with time. Content creators and SEO professionals need to apply some renovation to remain relevant.

  •     Digital marketing Columbus Ohioprovides ways to form a holistic SERP approach to gather all elements on a single page.
  • Click metrics can be of use for targeted keywords.
  • However, the content could be optimized to soothe featured snippets.


The majority of us are not familiar with SERP yet, and we are still amicable to use the ‘clicks per search’ or ‘click-through rate’ mechanism only. By far, these have been the best ways of SEOs and created maximum Return On Investment for an online business.

All About Featured Snippets:

Human beings have always been endeavoring to capture the entire globe in its fists. Technologically we are constantly attempting to minimize our inputs to get the maximum outputs. Featured snippets win over elongated, unnecessary contents.

Using featured snippets, one can improve one’s ranking. It is crucial to be updated by identifying the opportunities that have tremendous potential.

How Do We See Featured Snippets?

As an SEO professional, digital marketing Columbus Ohio tries to make a report and analyze the relevant keywords. Next, we try to filter them as per the recent trend. Lastly, we leave out the featured snippets that are already there.

We display featured snippets and try to keep the top keyword in the result options. The aim is ultimately to make stuff lucid and pithy. We prefer to rework our pages to be more precise.

Featured snippets are more like headlines followed by a short paragraph with all the necessary information in brief. The paragraph must not exceed 60 words.

Featured snippets answer your ‘what, why, and how’ type of questions concisely. However, Columbus digital marketing company also uses an image, the table in the featured paragraph, to substantiate this.

Does The Future Lie In No Click Searches?

A featured snippet is not as volatile as you think it. By now, we witness various mobile and wireless devices are winning over desktops. We tend to spend more time on voice search instead of typing a few words or queries.

Featured snippets have already won over the SEO results, and Google is gradually adapting to this new method. So, what are you waiting for?

If you need to optimize your existing page using SERP, no-click searches, you must contact Digital marketing agency Columbus now. We are well aware of the mechanisms.

The Evolution In Google:

The evolution in the first page of Google can very well be seen if someone witnesses it mindfully. People or the market wants a quick result, and they are less interested in detail. And this is the bottom line approach of featured snippets or zero-click searches.

Google is taking out the summary of content from a website to offer the easiest and briefest search results to the users.