Lawn Dilemmas of 2021: Self-care, Pros, or just Aeration Packages?

Lawn Dilemmas of 2021: Self-care, Pros, or just Aeration Packages?

Having a big beautiful yard is the best thing you can do for the looks of your home. There’s nothing better in life than seeing your children running around the lawn enjoying themselves.

Taking care of a lawn is a big responsibility, though. It doesn’t come easy. You need to either spend a lot of time taking care of it to look perfect, or you need to pay someone who knows how to do it properly.

In both cases, you must spend some of your resources. It may be time, or it may be money. When you think about the fact that you must spend a lot of time at work to earn this money, then it’s clear that this is the same thing.

In this article, we’re going to share a few tips and thoughts on this issue. Are you supposed to pay someone to do the job for you, or should you spend some time working in your yard to create a perfect looking lawn? Read on if you want to know more about this issue.

Are you Supposed to do Everything Alone?

There are lots of pros and cons of going in favor of both ideas. When it comes to doing a DIY raising a beautiful lawn, you need to do tons of things and make it perfect. This is highly money consuming, so it will make you think about the justification of whether you should start doing this at all.

For example, you need to buy shovels, shears, trimmers, a mowing machine, aerators, and all kinds of other stuff. All these cost thousands of dollars. You only buy them once at the beginning, but after a while, they’ll surely need repairs or you’ll have to buy new ones after they are obsolete.

Aside from this, you must spend a lot of time working in the garden. When we walk past someone’s yard, we see how beautiful it is, but we’re not aware of the time spent working on it. See more about how time consuming it can be here.

If you decide to work alone, you should know that you’ll need to dedicate at least an hour per day. That means going back from work, or before work, spending an hour with your hands in the soil. Being messy, and dirty.

Most people say it’s amazing to go back to the roots and become one with the earth for a moment. They say it’s liberating, and a wonderful feeling overall. What they don’t tell you that in summer you’re going to become sweaty, and in the winter you’re going to freeze your bones off.

Good thing is that during the winter, there’s not so much activity. All living things are more than less sleeping. Not literally, of course, but with enough sun the grass isn’t growing, just like the rest of the plants. You’ll catch a breath during cold winter days.

Another issue is knowledge. We’re not born with the knowledge of growing grass. We need to learn. And there’s so much to learn. Luckily, there’s most of it on the internet. YouTube is full of videos for taking care of your lawn, and there’s a ton of tutorials about handling your lawn from every aspect.

That takes us back to the moment when we said you’ll need to spend some time on it. Thousands of pages are available on the subject. Thousands of hours of videos where professionals explain how to do a particular issue.

In the end, you end up with a poorly arranged lawn despite the time and money you’ve spent, and even though you now know everything about lawns and taking care of them. See the basics about growing a lawn here:

Should you Hire the Pros?

Regarding what we wrote above – yes, it would be great to do it. You can become an expert in a particular field in life, but without the proper knowledge, the right machines, and enough time spent on it, you’ll never be as good as the pros.

Yes, you do need to pay for their services, but if you look at it closely, you’ll see that you’ll spend even more on tools and equipment. Not to mention the time you’ll spend working, instead of enjoying yourself in your back yard, while someone else is doing the work.

Professional lawn care is an entire industry that is capable of handling tons of issues connected to your yard and make them go away. In the end, you’ll have a beautiful looking green carpet in front of your home.

Aeration Packages

If you’re not sure about either of these above, you can go just with the aeration packages some lawn care companies are offering. The aeration is problematic in many ways and is the biggest concern for having a wonderful looking lawn.

To do it, you need lots of equipment, knowledge, and time. The aeration process is nothing more than digging holes in the soil so you can let the grass breathe. However, the process is not this simple. It needs to be done precisely, and at the right time.

If you do it right, then you’ll easily get rid of the thatch too. This is the hard part. When your lawn isn’t getting enough oxygen, it will form this thick layer of dying grass. It is additionally keeping you from providing the needed oxygen to the roots, and the problem becomes even bigger. That’s why you need to hire the pros who will do regular aeration services and will make your lawn look perfect.

Lawn Dilemmas of 2021: Self-care, Pros, or just Aeration Packages?


The three options are different and offer a different experience. We’ve spent more content on working by ourselves, and through it, we described the pros and cons. That makes you realize the good and the bad sides of the other options too.

If you don’t like to spend too much time on your lawn, but you’d still like to enjoy the good sides of taking care of it, like mowing, then the third option is perfect. Still, the choice is only yours. Do what makes you the happiest.