Apps That Will Help You Stick to Your New Year Resolution

Apps That Will Help You Stick to Your New Year Resolution

According to a study, 77% of people stayed on track for fulfilling their goals in the first week of the New Year. However, the number dropped to 55% after the first month. This later lead to the number dropping to just 19% after two years.

A performance coach and Physiotherapist in New York City, Jonathan Alpert, says that people are very motivated on January 1st. However, in just a few weeks these motivations flatter insignificantly, says Jonathan.

The study showed that in a total 81% of people fail to complete their goals. Some reasons why people lose the motivation to continue achieving their resolutions is because of bad habits, negative thoughts, procrastination, or fleeting motivation, concluded the study.

To understand this better, we have listed down a few reasons we found to contribute more with people not achieving their goals:

Fail to Pick Realistic Goals 

As per Statistica, the most common New year resolution is to lose weight, eat healthily, and do more exercise.

While these are achievable goals, yet many people cannot reach their desired shape and routine.

This is also because we do not choose to start our goal in a way that is more attuned to reality.

For instance, people start with aggressive healthy eating by cutting almost everything from their diet. Instead of that, they should do go gradually to keep up with the routine.

Lack of Planning

Usually, our New Year resolution is an aftermath of a heated argument and abrupt decision-making skills.

Most of us do not plan on what we include in our list of goals to achieve in the New Year. This lack of preparation usually leads to not being able to achieve the resolutions.

Along with the above two reasons for failure are not having the preparation and lack of support.

While to your surprise, there’s always a solution to every problem. And in the time we live, there’s always an app for every problem.

To help you with sticking to your resolution in the year 2021, we have listed down a few helpful apps.

But first, we need to make sure you have the right internet service to start with.

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So now that you are well equipped with information on which internet to choose, here are some apps that will help you in your journey in the coming year:

Quit Genius

If you have decided to step into a healthier lifestyle, then, Quit Genius will help you quit smoking.

The application does not demand you to stop immediately, rather it uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to understand your relationship with your habit.

Once understanding what kind of smoker you are, mentally prepare yourself to cut back on smoking.


As we said, people usually take up weight loss as their goal for the coming year. But rather than losing those pounds, they lose the energy to continue with exercises and diet plans.

If you are one of them, then the Calory will help you hit all sorts of health-related goals.

The application helps you assess what you are eating and helps you cut back on unnecessary meals and beverages.

My Limit

The ultimate source for you to cut back on alcohol consumption comes in the form of an app. And that app’s name is My Limit.

The app helps you in quitting excess alcohol intake through its amazing features like Alcohol Meter Screen. Other than this, the app has a drinking history tab that ensures that you are sticking to your goal.


As the name suggests the app helps you stick to your good habits. The application will change your behavior with your friends while gives you personalized advice.

Moreover, the app also has articles on the science of behavior that covers all the basics you would expect from a good app. The app has a reminder, set meals, and a lot more to help you to stick to your goals.

Start from Today

Do not wait for the right time to engrave goodness in you. Start achieving your goals from today and help yourself become the best version of yourself. Also, the apps we mentioned above will be your partner in this journey.