Equipment And Consumables For A Dental Clinic. Whitening lamp Philips ZOOM with Endless Chip

Equipment And Consumables For A Dental Clinic. Whitening lampPhilips ZOOM with Endless Chip

Dentistry, like all medicine, is developing quite rapidly. New equipment, tools and materials are constantly appearing that allow you to work wonders and achieve success even in the most difficult situations. Modern equipment in the dental clinic is the key to successful treatment and the reputation of the medical institution. Such equipment attracts more customers, greatly simplifies the work of dentists, and the quality and speed of work increases.

When deciding to buy dental equipment, pay attention to the whitening lamp Philips ZOOM, which will help you quickly, effectively and almost painlessly whiten your teeth. The lamp will return the original whiteness to the teeth – it will remove tartar, bacterial plaque and other deposits. Dental equipment for teeth whitening is not cheap, while a lot will have to be spent on consumables. Buying a whitening lamp Philips ZOOM, You will be able to save on consumables as you can buy an endless chip for unlimited use of the whitening lamp.

Features and Benefits of Infinite Chip for Philips ZOOM

Philips Zoom is an LED light that allows you to perform cold, painless teeth whitening. Thanks to LED technology and proprietary gel composition, the lamp can whiten your teeth up to 8 tones with minimal sensitivity. It has a cold LED light source, which provides maximum comfort and painlessness during the procedure – with cold whitening, the tooth tissues are not heated, and the tooth enamel completely retains its integrity. The effect of the procedure lasts for 3-5 years.

The main feature of the lamp Philips ZOOM in what you can buy for itan infinite chip, that is, it can whiten your teeth an infinite number of times without chipping.

WhiteSpeed In-surgery whitening treatment DIS577/01 | Zoom

The main advantages of the whitening lamp Philips ZOOM with an infinite chip from the companyBleach Infiniter:

  • One chip is designed for 1,000,000 sessions;
  • No need to buy a new chip every time;
  • Reducing the cost of the whitening procedure;
  • The infinite chip does not affect the operation of the lamp in any way;
  • The chip is installed very simply – using an external adapter.

With the help of a chip, you can make any Zoom lamp completely unlimited, including Zoom 3 Advanced Power Plus and even the newest, latest version 4 Zoom WhiteSpeed. With a one-time investment, you can earn on the Zoom lamp without the additional cost of consumables and Zoom kits. After installing the chip, for whitening with Zoom, from expensive consumables, you only need a whitening gel.

How To Order All Consumables For Teeth Whitening

Buy lamps Philips ZOOM, unlimited chipsand original gels for the whitening procedure at the lowest price can be found on the website of the Bleach Infiniter chip manufacturer. Orders can be placed online on the website or by phone.

Unlock White Speed with bleach-infiniter chip!