5 Tips to Keep the Car Interiors Clean and Fresh

5 Tips to Keep the Car Interiors Clean and Fresh

Do you want to bring back the heady new car smell of your car? It is not an impossible thing to achieve. Cleaning the car in the right way will improve the appearance, air quality inside the car and the overall driving experience. Regular interior clean-up will help you keep the awesome feel of your car. In this article, we will give you some tips to keep the car interiors clean and fresh easily.

Place a Waste Bin in Your Car

Placing a waste bin in the car will help you keep your clean and tidy up to an extent. It will also save you time and effort by not having to gather the trash later.  Equipping your car with a trash bin can prevent the waste from scattering. Choose a waste bin with a lid to avoid all the waste getting spilt out. Make sure you take the trash out regularly.

Use Air Fresheners

Using an air freshener is the best way to keep your car smelling great at all times. The pleasing smell also has a soothing impact on the senses and keeps you energetic throughout your drive. There are several good quality air fresheners in the market. These can be found easily in your nearest retail store at affordable prices. Also, make sure you change the fresheners at regular intervals to keep the inside of your car fresh and clean.

Vacuum the Interiors

A lot of trash can end up on the car floor during your trip. Vacuuming the car regularly is essential to keep the dust and dirt away, and to clean off those food granules from the mat and upholstery. Vacuum the floor, front and back seats, and even the trunk of your car at regular intervals. A vacuum cleaner with a thin nozzle is the best option for your car cleaning as it can easily reach every corner of your car, including the pedals and side door panels and collect all the dust. You can also hire professional cleaners for quick and efficient service.

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Clean Spillage Immediately

A spill or stain is harder to clean if not dealt with immediately. It is best to clean up the mess right away, and it will only take a few minutes if done then, otherwise, it can take much longer to remove or it can permanently stain your car. Keep a microfiber cloth handy in your car for that quick cleaning of stains on seats or carpets.

Give the Floor Mats a Shake

Floor mats collect the most dirt in the car and that is their purpose. Shaking the dirt off the floor mats should be at the top of your list. If you shake the dirt off after every long car journey or at least once a week if you regularly travel in your car, your floor mats won’t be too dirty with loads of accumulated dirt. This will also make future car interior cleanings easier.