Choosing The Right Office Desk: 5 Types To Choose From

Choosing The Right Office Desk: 5 Types To Choose From

There are a million styles of desks to choose from. Each type has its own functional design implications. The variety makes sense when you consider how many office arrangements there are out there.

While it’s always good to have an abundance of options, it can get overwhelming trying to narrow down which desk type is best for you. You might not even have a clear grasp of your office layout to recognize which shapes are best suited to your work environment. If this sounds like you, don’t worry.

As complicated as it seems, choosing the right office desk is actually fairly straightforward. You only need to know the essentials of a structural work desk to learn your options. To help you start brainstorming, here are five types of desks to choose from, including the popular L-shaped desk with storage.

1. The Classic Straight Desk

Straight desks are the classic shape. This type of desk is the standard choice for a simple, convenient design that works in most office spaces. Straight desks come in many sizes, making them perfect for both large and small office spaces.

2. The Curved Desk

Curved desks are best for people that want to move around in their desk area. Using a swivel chair allows you to reach all areas of the desk surface by making each section more accessible so you get the most out of your workspace. You can move around with an L-shaped desk with storage, but not as swiftly as with curved desks. The top portion of the desk is curved to maximize the surface area when using a swivel chair.

3. L-Shaped Desks With Storage

The L-shaped desk with storage is a go-to choice for those that want to organize stacks of paperwork and other materials in one area and conduct their work in another. If keeping everything you need for work out in the open without overcrowding your workspace is important to you, you may benefit from an L-shaped desk.

4. U-Shaped Work Desks

If you’re storing client information or a large amount of paperwork, a U-shaped desk may be your best bet. While these desks are typically used by receptionists and others in business office settings, if you have a lot of files, you can maximize your organization effectively with a U-shaped desk. As is true for the L-shaped desk with storage, many U-shaped desks come with built-in storage cabinets.

5. Foldable Wall-mounted Desks

While you get storage with options like the L-shaped desk with storage, for those that need as much room as possible, a foldable, wall-mounted work desk is a wiser choice. When the desk is not being used, there is more space available for other tasks.

Finding The Right Desk For Your Space

Finding the right desk for your office is a bit of a trial-and-error process. Consider the five suggestions above, as well as how much available room you have to work with to find the right desk for you.