Where is the Safety of Steel Structure Engineering?

Where is the Safety of Steel Structure Engineering?

Steel structure engineering has been widely used in various fields. Common steel structure factories, warehouses, office buildings, supermarkets, subway stations, logistics centers, bridges, and even hospitals, schools, aircraft hangars, etc. are all using steel structure buildings. In fact, the reason why steel structure engineering is widely used is not only because of its beautiful appearance and short construction period, but most importantly, steel structure engineering can ensure safety. Compared with wooden structures, steel structure projects are very outstanding in resisting natural disasters and insect pests; compared with concrete structures, steel structure projects are more flexible in design and construction, and can meet the professional safety and environmental needs of different industries as well as later expansion needs. .

So what are the main aspects of the safety performance of steel structure projects?

The steel structure itself has high strength and strong load-bearing capacity. As long as the design load is not exceeded during use, there will be no deformation or collapse problems. Moreover, the design of steel structure buildings is strictly implemented in accordance with the quality standards of various countries, and safety standards are the first priority. In addition, the seismic performance of steel frame structures is very high. We have seen that in many places that have experienced large earthquakes, concrete buildings have collapsed in pieces and large steel structures have become temporary shelters. The steel structure building will sway as a whole during an earthquake without collapsing. The solid steel beams and steel columns connected together with the solid foundation make the entire structure solid and reliable.

The steel structure itself is not a flammable and combustible material. For buildings prone to fire, appropriate fire prevention measures should be taken. Even in the event of a fire, steel will not cause the fire to spread quickly and can provide more time for people to escape. In terms of fire protection, steel structure buildings are also safe enough.


The steel structure is light in weight and can be designed flexibly. Compared with concrete buildings, the design of steel structures is much more flexible. Especially in special-shaped buildings and super high-rise buildings, the application of steel structures is more prominent. Due to its good plasticity, steel structures can be processed into various required shapes and sizes, making them more flexible in architectural design and modeling, and are safe and reliable.

The service life of steel structure buildings can be very long. The Eiffel Tower, which everyone is familiar with, has a history of more than 130 years and is still intact; China’s Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge, a steel structure bridge, has been in use for more than 60 years and is in good condition today; the world’s famous super-tall buildings are all made of steel structures; earthquakes At times, people will hide under steel structures; hangars used to store high-value assets such as large aircraft are often built with steel structures. . . These phenomena all illustrate that steel structure buildings have sufficient safety performance.

Of course, the safety performance of steel structure buildings depends on every aspect of the design, construction and installation process. If you just blindly reduce costs or cut corners, then no building made of any material can ensure safety. Therefore, choosing a reliable and experienced steel structure builder is also an important part of ensuring building safety.