Why You Are Never Too Old To Learn To Play Piano

Why You Are Never Too Old To Learn To Play Piano

Many retirees and elderly people no longer use certain areas of their brains as much as they used to. In reality, it is important for elderly people to remain active cognitively to improve memory and build new neural connections. It is a natural process to experience a decline in cognitive performance but playing a musical instrument can help slow down the process. If you are looking for a new hobby or you just want to try to improve yourself, there are many good reasons to hire a piano tutor Birmingham and learn to play piano, regardless of your age.

Why You Are Never Too Old To Learn To Play Piano

Relieve Stress- as we get older, we are easily affected by muscle tension and stress. When playing piano, however, it requires your complete focus and it leaves no room for your worries and other thoughts. Playing piano is a great way to distract your mind to do something calming and productive.

Express Your Emotions- it is easier to connect to yourself when playing piano. Different tunes and tempo are related to different emotional responses. Minor tones are associated with delicate feelings, while major scales are meant for happy feelings. You may also adjust with dynamics and intervals to match the music with your emotions.

Satisfaction- if you are an amateur piano player, you may experience a sense of satisfaction and achievement when playing for others. It feels great to see children sing along, jump around, and laugh when you are playing happy songs.

Slow Down Memory Loss- when elderly people are engaged in music, they use their cognitive functions and memory more effectively. This reduces risks of dementia and other cognitive problems. When people are distressed, cortisol is produced and it contributes to memory decline.

Find Other Potentials- when we become more proficient in playing music, we are also more interested in trying other musical instruments, such as the violin, saxophone, or guitar. Because the basic concept of music is similar, it is easier for them to transition to different musical instruments.

A Form Of Entertainment- many adults find that playing a musical instrument is incredibly exciting. They will treat the piano as a fun distraction, especially if they are able to collaborate with others. Elderly people may even join local musical theatres and orchestras if they are more serious about playing piano.

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