Ladies’ Shuffleboard: What is it and Why Join a Shuffleboard Club?

Ladies’ Shuffleboard: What is it and Why Join a Shuffleboard Club?

There are many fun ways for the girls to get together and pass the time and one activity that’s experienced a surge in popularity of late is shuffleboard.

What is shuffleboard and why would you want to play it or consider joining a ladies’ shuffleboard club? Read on to learn more about the game and why you might want to take it up.

What is Shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard is almost like a board game version of lawn bowls. There are some distinct similarities, but some obvious differences as well.

The game is generally played on a board, a shuffleboard table. Instead of balls or bowls, weighted discs not dissimilar to an ice hockey puck are used. The object of the game is to use a cue to propel a disc down the table into the scoring zone. The shots need to be carefully weighted so the disc comes to rest in the scoring zone and isn’t propelled into the gutter.

Opposing players can also knock their opponent’s discs off the table and into the gutter to reduce their score. The player or team with the highest score at the end of the round wins that round.

There are different variations of shuffleboard you can play, but this is basically how the game works.

Let’s now look at some great reasons to take up shuffleboard and join a shuffleboard club near you.

Play With Your Friends or Make New Friends

You could get together with your girlfriends and find a venue where you can play shuffleboard. You’re bound to have a lot of fun and a few laughs, as it’s a casual game that’s not too serious. Of course, there’s also bound to be some competitiveness among the group as well to make it more interesting.

Even if you don’t have any friends who are interested in playing shuffleboard, you can always join a local shuffleboard club. To find one, just search online. For example, if you’re in Western Sydney, you could search for “shuffleboard club Regents Park”.

When you join a ladies’ shuffleboard club, you can always look forward to having a game to play and you’ll naturally make some new like-minded friends in the process. Outside of playing shuffleboard, you can socialise with your new friends on other occasions as well.

Shuffleboard Keeps You Active

While shuffleboard is certainly not a high-intensity game, it does get you out and about and active. You’ll enjoy some light exercise while at the same time sharpening your reflexes, concentration skills and fine motor control.

Rather than sitting around home, bored with nothing to do, you can head out to your shuffleboard club and engage in some healthy, lighthearted shuffleboard competition. It’s good for the mind as much as it’s good for the body.

Improve Your Game in a Club Environment

If you’re keen to get better and better at shuffleboard, then being part of a club will ensure you always have quality players to pit your skills against. You’ll find your game rapidly improving the more you play against decent players.

Some shuffleboard clubs even host shuffleboard tournaments, where you compete for prizes against others in the club, or your club goes up against shuffleboard players from another club.

Even if you move into a more competitive arena, shuffleboard is always a lot of fun, and that’s the aim of the game.

Learn New Skills

There is always something extremely satisfying about learning something new and seeing yourself getting better at it. While learning shuffleboard may not be high on the list of life’s priorities, if you take up the game and begin to master it, you will be filled with a sense of satisfaction and a boost in your self-confidence will be the result.

Learning new skills in one area of life can act as a springboard to having the courage to master skills in other areas as well.

The Takeaway

Shuffleboard is both fun and entertaining and offers a great way to meet other people. Ladies’ shuffleboard is the ideal way for the girls to get together and spend some quality time while having a great experience. If you’ve never tried shuffleboard before, then consider joining a local shuffleboard club today.