Does Solar Panel Installation Damage Your Roof? (Pro Advice)

Does Solar Panel Installation Damage Your Roof? (Pro Advice)

Solar energy is a popular way to get energy nowadays and it’s definitely something that many homeowners are considering. As time goes on, more and more questions are being asked about solar energy, solar panels, and solar panel installation. The main question we’ll be answering today is if solar panel installation damages your roof. Most times the home must have the panels installed on their roof which can cause some concern for homeowners about whether or not this is safe for their roof or if it’ll cause problems over time. Let’s dive into some of the concerns around solar panel installation.

Can Solar Panels Ruin A Roof?

The concern about solar panels ruining your roof shouldn’t cause worry because solar panels are installed by skilled professionals. As long as the installation process was done correctly and there were no issues, then your solar panel installation will not damage your roof. Solar panels are installed by using bolts, nails, and straps which are specifically made to go into your roof and not cause any damage.

The biggest concern with damaging your roof with solar panel installation is because of the actual installation process. That is why it’s important to use a solar panel installation company that is licensed, experienced, and qualified to do the installation. Also, the company will inspect your roof beforehand to ensure that it’s in good standing and good quality to handle the solar panel installation.

Do Solar Panels Cause Leaky Roofs?

As we stated above, solar panels should not ruin your roofs at all, which includes making them leak. The only reason you may have a leaky roof after solar panel installation is because of the fault of the company that installed them. Most companies do great at leak prevention during the installation process, but inexperienced or unlicensed companies might not know or take the extra steps to ensure there is no possibility of a leak after installation. If you do notice a leak in your roof after solar panel installation, be sure to contact your solar panel installation company as most of them have warranties that will cover the work and costs associated with the leak.

The Weight of Solar Panels on a Roof

Another concern for homeowners considering solar panels is the weight of the panels on top of their roof. Solar panels actually don’t weigh as much as you might think they do when they’re on top of your roof. Solar panels weigh about 2 to 4 pounds per square foot, which is within acceptable limits to be placed onto your roof.

If the solar energy company thinks that your roof may not be able to withstand the weight or installation of the solar panels then they will let you know. This could be because your roof needs some sort of repairs before installation or if your roof is on the older side it may not be able to handle it.

Do Solar Panels Void Your Roof Warranty?

Another huge concern for homeowners is whether or not solar panel installation will void your roof warranty. Most roofs have a warranty once they are installed in case of repairs needed or replacements, but certain things can void that warranty.

Fortunately, solar panel installation isn’t one of those things that will void your roof warranty, but the unprofessional installation of them can. Typically in most cases, the installation of solar panels won’t void your warranty, but if the company doesn’t install it to manufacturers’ standards and standards needed to keep the roof warranty intact then that is a cause for concern.

As long as the panels are installed properly then you should have no problem. If you’re concerned about the roof warranty be sure to ask both the solar panel installation company and your roof company if possible. They will be able to provide guidelines on how your panels can be installed without voiding the warranty.

How To Choose The Best Solar Panel Installation Company?

One of the main things we’ve come across is that choosing a reliable company makes all the difference in your solar panel installation. Having a licensed, experienced, and just overall well-rounded company doing your installation will make for a smoother process with fewer conflicts to arise.

Here are a few qualities to look for in your solar panel company:

  • Licensed and Certified
  • Experienced
  • Great Reviews
  • Many References
  • Offers Warranty
  • Has Insurance

Here are some questions to ask the potential solar panel installation companies in order to gain a bit of insight into their company:

  1. How long has your company been in business?
  2. Does your company have insurance or a warranty?
  3. Is your company licensed?
  4. Do you have any references or reviews I can take a look at?
  5. How will you ensure the installation doesn’t void my roof warranty?

Knowing what to look for and which questions to ask when you’re looking for a solar panel company will help you to have the best experience with your installation. Remember that this has everything to do with the installation of the panels and not the panels themselves, so finding a company that takes its time and uses proper measures to avoid leaking and damage is essential.

The Bottom Line

Overall, a homeowner shouldn’t worry about solar panel installation ruining or damaging their roof because solar panels do not damage your roof. As long as the installation company is licensed and experienced in their work then the installation should be done properly, not causing damage or voiding your warranty. Solar panels are very safe to install and they are not super heavy on your roof at all.

Remember to always have a trusted and licensed solar panel company do the installation because they are trained in how to install the panels properly, with no damage, and without voiding the warranty of your roof. If you have any questions about the installation, roof warranty, or the credibility of the solar panel company just be sure to call the solar company and ask any questions that you may have.