Summer is officially knocking at the door and this much waited fashion-full season needs a contemporary style statement to match your personality. New hairstyles and new apparel is all vital to bring out the new personality but with proper glasses, you can elevate the look to another level. And, who doesn’t love shopping for the coolest pair of glasses every summer?

Protective frame materials and the use of precision technology were vital behind the massive research and development for comfortable eyewear or glasses. Technology is also boosting online sales post-pandemic. At a time when shops are facing shutdown due to lockdowns, online businesses are a great way to get the best pair of glasses.

The need for visual clarity has become mandatory and industry specialists like SmartBuyGlasses stay one step ahead to fulfill all the demands from their respective customers. For example, sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses offer enhanced colour contrast and glare-reducing abilities for boosting visual clarity.

What else? The list is never-ending. With digital technology, glasses are taking only a few business days to reach to their customers and if you are not aware of Virtual Try-On (VTO) technology, then keep reading to know the wonders of the VTO tool.

Did you know that you can also buy glasses online in the UK to block harmful blue light radiation? Blue light has immensely high-energy radiation and your eyes have no scope to block it. Once these radiations reach the retina in excessive doses, then it can be very harmful to both eyes and mental health. Limited studies and research on this field have ignited fear among computer/laptop and smartphone users. Several users of laptops, mostly IT professionals, have complained of frequent headaches and irregularities in sleep. These are the prime symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or Digital Eye Strain.

Use Virtual Try-On Tool to Try Blue Lights Glasses with zFORT™ Coating

Virtual Try-On Tool

This amazing technology has put SmartBuyGlasses on the prime seat. Customers and even media houses are talking about this latest technology. Virtual Try-On (VTO) tool is a digital software interface that can record your video and determine your face structure. You can use this amazingly cool mirror-like feature to select the best frames and glasses that would suit your style and personality.

People have different face shapes and you can’t just spend money on expensive ones without knowing your face shape. For example, if you have an oval or heart-shaped face, then aviators and rectangular frames are the best fit. But, if you have a round or diamond-shaped face structure, then a square or wraparound frame would suit you in the best way.

If you wish to buy glasses that would block blue light in the UK, then you can use the VTO tool to try on zFORT™-powered blue light blocking glasses. They are high-on demand and trending with new and stylish designs. The best part is that you can get Arise HD Clarity anti-glare prescription lenses also with these glasses.

Get An Updated Prescription and Submit Online

If you have decided to go with the beautiful zFORT™-powered blue light blocking glasses, then you must get an updated prescription if you have vision problems like myopia, hypermetropia, etc. You can visit an optometrist to get an updated prescription.

While checking out, you can enter the prescription details manually or email or upload a soft copy of the prescription.

Buying quality and branded specs from SmartBuyGlasses comes with some exciting benefits like a free shipping service. You also get a 2-year extended warranty with all glasses and a best price guarantee on thousands of designer brands. They have a wonderful 100-day returns policy and comfortable ClearPay installment service to buy now and pay later