Activities you can do when you are skint

Activities you can do when you are skint

It is commonly understood that when one is down on their luck, it is difficult to indulge in what they enjoy. However, it’s not always necessary to stay indoors and wallow in self-pity. Here are some things you can do while you are broke to get through.

Find “Google Easter Eggs”

Google Easter eggs are usually hidden in their search engine results. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the entire website to links pointing you to other links. Some people make their own “Easter eggs,” such as having the Google logo turn into a goat or a bunny. Google even has a blog dedicated to finding these bugs and features – although there are so many these days, it’s hard to keep up!

Take a Free Online Cooking Class

You don’t have to be a culinary genius to figure out how to use a microwave. It would help if you had techniques- the secret sauce that allows cooks to turn a pile of raw ingredients into exceptional dishes. By downloading free recipes, cooking classes, and instructional videos, you can get a taste of the real thing without any of the stress and mess.

Do Free Genealogy Research

While it’s nice to spend a day catching up on family history research at the local library, free can be even better! The Internet is filled with genealogy resources that provide you with easy access to important documents, online family trees, and more. Many sites also offer payment plans.

Send for Free Products to Review

Have you ever come across a product advertised on television, only to find out that it’s not available at your local store? Although you can’t get free products for testing through the mail all the time, there are plenty of opportunities to sample new items and share your opinions with other consumers. These items can be anything from food to electronics, books, or even coupons. When you review articles online or on video, you often receive additional information about the product in return.

Create a Bucket List for Your Life

Ideally, a bucket list is an itemized list of all the things you have always wanted to do before passing away. However, you can create a bucket list for your life in real-time – picking stuff off your list as you go. Examples include going to the movies in your pajamas with your kids at 6 PM on Sunday or having ice cream for dinner every Tuesday. You might even want a bucket of popcorn!

Update Your Journal

Keeping a journal is a great way to record thoughts and inspire creativity. Get in the habit of jotting down bits of literature that encourage you, keep your bucket list on paper, or write down your daily plans.

If you’re feeling creative and have time on your hands, read books like “The Artist’s Way” (Julia Cameron), which recommends keeping a journal as part of a self-development program. It will help to bring out the artist within.

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Get Into a Crime Podcast

Several free crime podcasts feature the best in true crime stories and interviews. With just a little work on your part, you can hear stories about serial killers, mysteries, and more!

Read Free Books Online

Picking up a new book is always fun – especially when it’s free! There are many websites available to read ebooks online, usually for no charge at all. All you have to do is sign up with your email address to send you updates on new releases and other upcoming projects. When it comes to reading material, the possibilities are endless.

Sit by the Fire and Read

There’s a certain kind of feeling that comes with sitting by a fireplace, cuddled up by the fire, and reading a good book. It’s hard to replicate, but it can be done. With online libraries, home libraries, and bookstores worldwide, there is no shortage of places where you can pick up some free reads.

Have a Picnic

Bask in the great outdoors with your family, friends, or lover by having a picnic. Enjoying your food while sitting on a blanket or at a table, a breeze is an inexpensive way to have some fun and get out of the house. All you need is some food and some friends! If you reside in places like Parkway Plaza Student Apartments that have picnic areas, that’s an extra perk because you can hold an impromptu picnic with your friends.

Final Thoughts

Even when you are down on your luck, there are many ways to satisfy your need for entertainment. Although the idea of sitting inside with nothing to do may be disheartening, you can still have fun and make good use of your time.