A Complete Guide For The Perfect Plus-Sized Swimwear For Your Body Shape

A Complete Guide For The Perfect Plus-Sized Swimwear For Your Body Shape

When looking for the most flattering plus-size swimwear, the first essential thing you ought to know is your body shape or type. Knowing your body type allows you to pinpoint your weak points and assets—the ones you want to hide and the ones you want to flaunt—and the kind of curvy swimsuit you should wear. Here’s a step-by-step guide to picking the perfect plus-size swimsuit for your body type.


Swimsuits that hide the tummy are best for plus-size women. Wearing swimsuits with tummy control panels or slimming designs like diagonal and longitudinal stripes can help you achieve this. Push-up bikini tops are the greatest choice for enhancing your breasts. If push-up tops are too confining for you, go for roomy tops with ruffles and frills. They’ll enlarge your breasts without requiring you to alter your cleavage.

Round or Apple-Shaped-

If you have an apple figure, your main goal will probably be to find swimsuits that hide your tummy flab. As a result, search for ones that have tummy control panels added. They tuck in your tummy and give your waist an hourglass look. You can also use stripes to your advantage. Patterns that are diagonal and vertical are ideal for slimming you down.

On the other hand, horizontal stripes should be avoided at all costs. They have the exact opposite impact, making you look wider and thicker. Furthermore, swimsuits that resemble an hourglass form, such as peplum tankinis and A-line swim skirts, are always a good choice. They provide the appearance of a smaller waist and larger hips.

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Triangle Inverted-

You’ll most likely want to trim down your shoulders while increasing your hips to have a more feminine appearance. Wearing deep plunging V or U-neck swimsuits can help trim down your shoulders. They’re great for making your shoulders look slimmer. Choose bikini bottoms with decorations like strings, ruffles, and frills to elongate your hips. The added features will make it appear as if your hips are broader. You can also use prints to your advantage. Wear a shirt with dark hues and a bottom with bold designs. Plain colours (particularly black) are slender, but patterns and brighter hues accentuate.

Triangle or Pear-

Your upper body should be the centre of attention, while your lower body, specifically your hips, should be understated. This will help balance your proportions and make your slender shoulders appear wider while your hips appear thinner. When wearing striped bottoms, stick to diagonal and vertical stripes and shun horizontal stripes. Horizontal lines will elongate your hips, whereas diagonal and vertical lines will slim them down.  You can, however, wear horizontal stripes as a shirt. It will make your shoulders look better. Wear them as a top, but not as a bottom.


If you’re an hourglass, count yourself fortunate. You have the most harmoniously adjusted proportions of any plus-size body type. That is to say, your body type is adaptable, and you can almost always look fine in any swimwear. You may have minor inconveniences, such as a little stomach protrusion. Nothing, however, is beyond the reach of a bikini. Another factor to consider is the size of your breasts. You’ll want to look for bikini tops that provide enough support for your breasts without causing awkward moments.

Summing Up-

Many ladies find that thinking about summer swimwear buying will be enough to get them through the chilly wintertime. Finding a comfortable and flattering curvy swimsuit is an exciting endeavour. Because each lady’s body type is unique, it’s critical to pick the one that leaves you feeling beautiful from the inside out.