4 Health Benefits of Edible Rose Petals

4 Health Benefits of Edible Rose Petals

Around the world, different cuisines use flowers in some way. Italian and Latin cuisines, for example, make use of squash blossoms, while Asian cuisine sometimes calls for chrysanthemums and lilies. They can even find their way into drinks, such as hibiscus tea, or carnations in Chartreuse. So it should come as no surprise that a flower like the rose would be prized not only for the attractive blooms and rose hips used in rose hip tea, but the petals from the aforementioned blooms as well.

The truth is, people add rose petals to a variety of dishes including cold soups, salads, cakes, and desserts because they have a number of health benefits. Let’s take a look at these benefits.

Rose Petals Aid in Nutrition

Rose petals are almost entirely made of water, so they have a low calorie count and they won’t throw your diet off if you add them to your food. Like rose hips, though, they contain vitamin C so if you need to get more of this vitamin, simply add a few rose petals to your food like you would any other garnish. You can also place some petals in boiling water, then wait until the water turns a pinkish colour before removing the petals and then drinking the tea.

Petals Help With Skin Care

Because of their vitamin C content, rose petals can be used to treat periorbital hyperpigmentation, or dark circles under the eyes. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which makes it an effective way to lessen the appearance of dark circles. Besides drinking rose petal tea, the petals can be made into a paste that’s then applied to the hyperpigmented areas.

Unknown Health Benefits of Eating Edible Rose Petals

Edible Rose Petals Treat Constipation

People suffer from constipation now and then, and edible rose petals can help treat this condition since they contain fibre, too. If you’re dealing with constipation, you can make the petals easier to eat by soaking them in water or milk and then crushing them. You can also leave the rose petals to soak in milk and then drink the resulting mixture at night before you go to bed.

Rose Petals Fight Urinary Tract Infections

Rose petals have antibacterial properties, which makes them a good go-to for fighting off urinary tract infections since they can stop the bacteria from spreading. Besides being taken as a tea to treat UTIs, you can also wash the rose petals before cooking and then rinse them before eating.

From the above, it’s easy to see that rose petals are more than just a way to decorate and add beauty to spaces. If you want to try edible petals for yourself, it’s recommended that you grow them yourself so you can make sure no pesticides and other chemicals are used during cultivation. You can also buy them from dedicated stores.

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