3 Great Hockey Shooting Tarp Drills to Sharpen Your Game

hockey shooting tarp

Getting a hockey shooting tarp to sharpen your skills is one of the best decisions you can make for your hockey game. Many champions are forged out of the blood sweat and tears that are shed in the process of practicing and training regularly. One of the best ways to sharpen your skills is to repeatedly work on any weaknesses that you have over and over again until you get them to be perfect. With some determination and hard work, you can bring your hockey game to the highest level that can possibly be. Here are some drills that you can work into your routine that will push you beyond your goals.

1. Straight Shot Technique

As with many of the other training drills for hockey, it is best to use some sort of hockey flooring like synthetic ice, or dryland hockey tiles. If you don’t have any of these, a hockey shooting pad will work too. In addition to the proper flooring, you will need to get a hockey shooting tarp so you can practice those hard shots.

For this drill, it is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is make sure that you have enough hockey pucks within reach of your stick so that you can repeatedly make shots and not have to stop or remove your attention from the task you are performing. With a steadfast shot and your shoulders positioned in the correct fashion, pick one of the targets on the shooting tarp that you want to work on. Next, shoot at that one target repeatedly over and over again until you run out of pucks. Try to shoot as fast as you possibly can one right after the other. This will help you sharpen your speed skills.


2. Pass to Shoot

In this exercise, you will need to have a puck rebounder in order to help you pull it off. This drill gets a little fancier because it is designed to not only sharpen your shooting skills but your passing and receiving as well. Out on the ice, the opposite team will not be gentle and allow you to get your bearings before they strike. You have to be alert and quick, and the best way to get that way is to practice.

Position your puck rebounder approximately five feet away from you so that it is to your right or left and the shooting tarp is in front of you. Pick one of the upper targets on the shooting tarp beside the goaltender’s shoulders.  Pull a puck towards you with the blade and quickly slap it at the puck rebounder so that when it hits it, it will quickly snap right back to you. As soon as the puck snaps back, position yourself and take a shot at one of the upper target on the shooting tarp. Hopefully, you stocked yourself up on some pucks because this exercise is one where you repeatedly make the same shot over and over again until you are done.

3. Pass Pass Shoot

With this exercise you are going to need a good-sized pile of pucks to work with. Here again, you are working to strengthen many skills at one time. This is the best kind of multi-tasking you can ask for. Although it is not difficult, it is designed to make you think quickly on your feet and improve your precision shots.

Position yourself in front of the shooting pad with your legs shoulder-width apart. Stand a good 15 feet or so back from the tarp so you are not too close, but not too far away from it. Start with the puck directly in front of you and your stick ready to go. First, slap the puck to your left then catch it and slap it back to your right. Immediately when the puck hits the right side pass it to yourself one more time but shoot when you receive it. Aim for whatever target you like on the tarp. Repeat this exercise starting by shooting it to your right-hand side first.