Top Seven Trend Trading Strategy


Trend trading strategies are good for beginners because they can easily execute these. These also help them to learn about the market and make a large profit. Many people believe that by relying on one trend trading strategy, they can do the business for a long time. But, these strategies are not always easy to implement. If the market goes with you, you will get benefits. Otherwise, you can face a destructive loss. Seven strategies are really good for professionals and beginners. They are discussed here.

Moving Averages

There are different types of moving averages. But, most people prefer slow moving average. This helps to identify the actual value and hinders people to do errors because of the interim changes of the value. This indicator is not able to tell Aussie traders whether the trend will finish or not. This only shows the previous movements in the price of the currency pair. Learn more about the moving average as it can give you critical details about the dynamic market condition. Once you become skilled at using the moving average, you cane easily find the potential trend with high level of accuracy.

Relative Strength Index

The RSI is also called an oscillator indicator. This helps you to work out if a trend will end or not. When the value of the instruments come to an overbought level, the value will decrease. On the other hand, if the price comes to an underbought level, the value will increase. By using this, the investors will get the signals in the position of overbought and underbought. Sometimes, because of important news releases, RSI cannot able to provide the right signals. So, investors should be conscious of it. Those who involved in options trading, must use a professional trading platform to get precise result from the RSI. Try trading with Saxo. Visit their website here to know more about advanced tools.

Double Top and Double Bottoms

This indicator shows when the trend will end, and when the new trend will begin. When the double top will emerge, the investors have to understand the uptrend will be finished, and the downtrend will start. In this time, the trader needs to sell because the value will be declined. If the double bottom occurs, you need to buy as the price will be rise.

Average True Range

The average true range is mainly used to identify the volatility of the Forex market value. This will not point out the difference between the bulls and bear market. When the price of the instrument reaches to low volatility, the trend can be broken. The opposite situation will happen if the value reaches high volatility.

On-Balance Volume

On-balance volume quantifies the volume of a market instrument. When the value declines, the volume declines. If the price increases, the volume will increase. The person who can use this indicator properly, he or she will able to understand the direction of the value. But, people should be conscious before using it because this can also provide wrong signals.

Channel Patterns


Channel patterns are very helpful for the investors as this can be used in an uptrend, downtrend, and the range market. This is usually used to indicate the highs and lows in the market. The trader should not use this when the trend ends. When the market is highly volatile, the traders should not use these.

Head and Shoulders

Head and shoulders patterns help to identify when the trend will end, and when a new one will appear. Investors need to understand the uptrend will end, and the downtrend will emerge in an upright place. Conversely, the downtrend will end and the uptrend will come when the market is in an upside position. At this time, investors are required to buy instruments.

So, these indicators ultimately help traders to regulate their trading businesses systematically. Though these are user-friendly, traders are required to know about the application of these to implement them properly.