Reglazing Your Glasses: The Right Time to Get Them Done

Reglazing Your Glasses: The Right Time to Get Them Done

The eyewear industry has kept pace with the consumers’ demands by taking innovative measures. To stay relevant in the highly competitive eyewear market, the firms dealing in eyewear products have been fast on their feet to address the needs of consumers as and when they arise.

Talking about innovation, how can we miss out on reglaze glasses? This is one of the most amazing services offered that makes it very convenient for people looking for an upgrade to their pair of glasses. Reglaze service is also available over the e-commerce segment. So if you are looking for a pair of prescription eyeglasses online, or for that matter any pair of glasses, you should also take into consideration reglaze glasses.

What are Reglaze Glasses?

Reglazing your glasses means getting the lenses of your glasses replaced, keeping the existing frame intact. Reglazing your glasses do have their own benefits and there are lots of options to upgrade your lenses, which we will look into in much detail.

Reglazing your Glasses: When?

Damaged Lens

If your lens gets damaged, there is no need for you to buy a new pair of glasses. All you need to do is to send your glasses for reglazing and get your lenses replaced. Even if there is a scratch on your lenses, it is strongly recommended that you get them replaced. A damage to your lenses – even as minor as a scratch – can only cause further problems to your eyesight.

Update in Prescription

Whether you have been advised a prescription for the first time or your prescription has changed, why buy a new pair of glasses? Instead upgrade your existing pair by using the reglaze glasses service.

It is to be noted that you should get your eye checkups conducted at frequent intervals. And even if there is a minor change in your prescription, you should get your glasses fitted with the updated prescription so that you get the required sight correction.

Protective Coatings

You have already bought a pair of stylish glasses for men but now you realise the need for various protective coatings such as anti-scratch and anti-glare. What should be your further course of action?

With reglaze glasses around, you can get the required coatings applied on your existing pair of glasses.

Blue Light Glasses

In this modern digital era, a pair of blue light glasses is a must have accessory. The blue light filter that is applied onto these glasses reduces the amount of blue light reaching the eyes to negligible levels and hence, helps ensure your digital wellbeing.

You can use your existing pair of glasses also as blue light blocking glasses by reglazing your glasses.


Transition lenses adjust their tint colours based on the intensity of light falling over them. Once you get your glasses fitted with transition lenses, you can use them as sunglasses while outdoors and as you move indoors, the lenses of these glasses automatically become clear.

If your daily life demands you to keep moving between indoor and outdoor spaces, transition lenses are just your thing. No need to buy a new one. You can get your existing lenses replaced by reglazing your glasses.

If you want to keep it light on your pockets, or don’t want to separate from your much loved existing frames, opt for reglazing your glasses and you will never be disappointed. Also, with attractive online services like next day glasses around, you can get your glasses reglazed in quick time even over the online medium.