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Best Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Manufacturers in The World

Best Porcelain & Ceramic Tile Manufacturers in The World

Ceramic tiles are one of the essential needs of the construction industry. These products, in addition to their decorative and beautiful appearance, play a role in insulation and maintaining the hygiene of the environment. Therefore, they are among the products needed by consumers worldwide. Consequently, many manufacturers worldwide try to outpace their competitors and rank among the top producers. As a consumer, you are probably curious to know which country is the best manufacturer of ceramic tiles. Today, we will review a few countries along with their ceramic tile manufacturing companies.

Top Ceramic Tile Manufacturers

There are many ceramic manufacturing countries, but a few are among the most significant

China, the World’s Leading Producer
China has always been among the most powerful exporting countries, so it is not surprising that it is also among the top ceramic tile manufacturers. China can also be referred to as the leader of tile exporters. Contrary to the misconception about Chinese products, Chinese ceramic tiles are produced in high-quality varieties and with unique designs. Almost ten years ago, China exported tiles to more than 131 countries worldwide, but about six years ago, this number decreased. This decline occurred due to strong competitors like India. However, considering the annual production volume, China is still at the top with a significant lead.

Some Of The Ceramic And Porcelain Tile Manufacturers In China:

• Dongpeng Ceramics
• Marcopolo Ceramics
• Xinzhongyuan Ceramics
• CIMIC Tiles
• Overland
• Foshan Hanse Industrial Co., Ltd.

Indian Porcelain Tiles

Despite the economic recession during the Corona period, the Indian tile industry continues to grow annually. In the last six years, it has attracted some of the countries that used to import Chinese tiles. The Indian tile industry is divided into organized and unorganized sectors, with about 14 companies operating in the organized sector. Sixty percent of Indian companies are non-governmental, which directly impacts the expansion of the ceramic tile industry in the country.

Tile Manufacturing Companies In India:

• Kajaria Ceramics
• Somany Ceramics
• RAK Ceramics India
• Orientbell Tiles
• Simpolo Vitrified

Brazilian Porcelain Tiles

The Brazilian porcelain tile market can be considered the top market in the Americas. The country’s ceramic tile industry has made significant progress in recent years due to increased construction, renovation, and domestic sales growth. According to statistics, it has increased by about 3.8 percent in one year. This progress is not limited to the domestic market in Brazil, and today, the country continues its exports with strength. Currently, Brazil is among the top 10 ceramic and porcelain tile producers and has the lowest tile import rates. Brazilian tiles are exported to 121 countries, with the leading importers being the United States, South Africa, and Latin America.

Some Of The Porcelain And Ceramic Tile Manufacturing Companies In Brazil:

• Portobello
• Cecrisa (Portinari)
• Cerâmica Elizabeth
• Biancogres
• Incenor

Italian Porcelain Tiles

Although Italy ranks lower among global tile manufacturers, it is several steps higher in terms of quality compared to other countries. Italian porcelain is classified as the highest quality porcelain in the world. Investors who prioritize product quality often choose Italian ceramic tiles. Italian porcelain tile manufacturers produce high-quality products because of extensive research on design and production. The permanent markets importing Italian tiles include Germany, France, and the United States. Consumers who demand high-quality products are among the customers of Italian products.

Some Of The Porcelain And Ceramic Tile Manufacturing Companies In Italy:

• Marazzi
• Florim
• Atlas Concorde
• Imola Ceramica
• Ragno

Iranian Ceramic Tiles

Now, we come to the most interesting option, Iran. Despite many international sanctions and restrictions, Iran is among the top five countries in the ceramic industry! This is due to the presence of high-quality resources and skilled labor. Iran has been an active player in the ceramic tile industry not only today but also in the past. The variety of designs and tastes of Iranian designers make unique and beautiful products.

Additionally, the country has offered very competitive prices compared to other countries. Rich raw materials and cheap labor are the main reasons for this affordable price. Iran aims to be among the world’s top ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturers by planning and using the political opportunities available among countries. Today, more than 150 prominent manufacturers operate in the field of ceramic and porcelain tiles in Iran, with more than 70 percent of their products ready for export to other countries. Iranian tiles combine the quality of Italian tiles with the artistry of Indian tiles.

Top Porcelain And Ceramic Tile Manufacturers In Iran:

• Eefa Ceram
• Naz Ceram
• Tabriz Tile
• Amin Tile
• Fakhar tiles
• Yazd Tile

For more information about Iranian ceramic tile manufacturing companies, you can visit from this link.

Spanish Ceramic Tiles

Among European countries, Spain is another notable ceramic tile manufacturer. The popularity of Spanish products is due to their attractive miniature designs and beautiful colors. Spanish ceramic tiles, with the most diverse and beautiful colors, make your decor as appealing as possible. The country’s products are of high quality and suitable for high-traffic areas and bathrooms.

Some Of The Ceramic Tile Manufacturing Companies:

• Porcelanosa
• Roca
• Keraben
• Pamesa
• Azulev


Tiles are one of the best products for protecting against water and moisture in bathrooms and areas requiring water protection. Therefore, every country needs this product to develop its construction industry. There are many ceramic tile manufacturing countries, but they can be ranked based on export performance and product quality. For a high-quality and cost-effective purchase, Iranian tiles will be a good choice among the countries introduced.

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