All You Need to Know About Storage Beds

All You Need to Know About Storage Beds

Studies revealed that the average person spends 227,760 hours or 9,490 days sleeping. It means they spend at least 26 years lying in bed. Meanwhile, this staple bedroom furniture often comes in different shapes and sizes, but it usually occupies the most floor area. So if you plan to buy a new bed, you must find a piece that helps maximise the available space in the room. As such, storage beds can be your best option if you need more space without overcrowding your room.

Investing in a storage bed is also a great solution to avoid the unpleasant sight of bulky cabinets and closets. So, if you plan to purchase a new bed with storage in the coming days, these tips will help you find the best one that will cater to all your needs:

Tip #1: Choose Your Desired Material

A storage bed may come in either wood, steel, or leather materials. Wooden beds look more rustic, but they do not need much maintenance work. Meanwhile, steel beds are stylish and inexpensive, yet they may not be as durable as wooden ones. And if you want more aesthetically-pleasing beds, you can go for a leather bed. However, leather beds with storage options cost more and need high maintenance.

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Tip #2: Determine the Size 

Storage beds come in different size options. So after picking your desired material, you must consider the size of the bed you plan to purchase. As such, one of the first things you need to consider when selecting your bed size is the total space area in your bedroom. You may ask your builder about the actual room size or learn how to measure the bedroom yourself. You must also think about the number of people who will sleep on the bed and the body size.

Tip #3: Consider the Storage Capacity

The best storage bed must accommodate all the items you plan to place inside the depository space. And there are different options to pick depending on the amount of storage you need, including:

  • Divan Bed: It comes with drawers under the base on the castors or gliders. You can pick this if you plan to store small items since it comes with plenty of drawers.
  • Ottoman Bed: This bed comes with single storage options. It is ideal for storing bulkier items like beddings, comforters, thick blankets, or luggage.
  • Mid-Sleeper Bed: It is best for children who need space for storage and extra space for studying or playing, especially if they have a limited area in their bedroom. They can sleep in the elevated part of the bed, while they can use the bottom portion to add a tiny closet for clothes or toys and extra space to build a study desk or playpen.

Other essential factors to consider when looking for a new storage bed is the amount you are willing to spend on the furniture and the ease of use. It must also come in a design that suits the overall look of your bedroom.

So, if you want to have a storage bed in your room, you also need to learn how to make it last for a long time. You need to remember to regularly oil the hardware and protect the surfaces from getting scratches. Most importantly, you need to find the best bed supplier that can guarantee the quality of the beds by giving a warranty for a considerable period.