4 Spectacular Houses In Dubai That Are Waiting To Be Your Home

4 Spectacular Houses In Dubai That Are Waiting To Be Your Home

Dubai is known worldwide for being the hub of some of the most fascinating places in the world and so, to complement the tourist sites, Dubai has also invested much to create residential spaces that are regal enough to bring life to the king within you. If you are searching for houses that can ensure the quality of living, consider yourself fortunate for we have compiled a list of residential places near coastlines of Dubai with houses well suited for top-notch living. These immaculate seafront establishments are designed to meet the ultimate extravagant lifestyle. With each house loaded with outstanding amenities and a fully secured security system, we are certain that you would easily find your dream villa for sale in Dubai and enjoy a Madinat Jumeirah living lifestyle.

1. Central Rotunda Villa

This house is fully secured and loaded with essentials and amenities of premium quality, it is an ideal home for anyone who is looking to live beside the beach. This house sits on an amazing location providing a phenomenal view of the Dubai skyline. The villa is up for the sale in both the furnished and unfurnished forms. The entrance of the house has an adjoining rotunda area at the heart of the villa. This awe-inspiring open area then stretches from the ground to the upper floors of the house. The living room of the house lies at the back of the house with a high ceiling and large windows that provide a perfect view of the ocean. The dining area is close to the living room and allows the dinner to eat with pristine water in the view. The dining room then leads to the fully furnished futuristic kitchen and an attached guest room which is situated to the front of the house. There is also a garage that is so wide that it can easily accommodate two modes of transport. The bedrooms are three in number with the master bedroom located on the first floor, the rest two can be found to the front of the villa.

2. Turnkey Beachfront Home

This is a five-bedroom villa that is located on the very famous Palm Jumeirah and gives an amazing turnkey option. Like every garden home, this villa is also designed with Mediterranean architecture, having vibrant tiles and walls. Once you enter the home you find yourself in a large foyer that leads to the spacious dining area. The kitchen is installed with ivory cabinets and stainless appliances with a breakfast table in the corner. The bedrooms are made to look and feel extremely homey with each having its own en-suite bathroom and built-in closets, however, the jewel of the villa is its master bedroom which is equipped with top-notch amenities that can only be dreamt of.  The back of the villa is full of surprises that features a garden, a gazebo, a pool and access to a private beach.

3. Contemporary Beachfront Villa with Atlantis Views

As the name suggests, these are villas with contemporary architecture and facilitates its residents with all the up to date appliances. Found on N Fond of Palm Jumeirah, this is one of the most desirable waterfront houses. The awe-striking foyer of the villa leads to a peaceful looking living room that allows sunlight to filter through, making space appear even larger and homey. All the windows of the house are magnificent and overlook the glistening beach. There are two kitchens in the house, each custom made to suit the unique requirements of its residents. There is an additional office and a guest room as well. A smart home option is also available to adjust the lights, temperature and similar features of the house.

4. Four Bedroom Luxury Villa at Garden Homes

This is another villa found on a great location at Frond L of Palm Jumeirah that provides a panorama of the sea and the great Atlantis Hotel. The walls of the villa are designed with vibrant textures, that does not look too gaudy to the eye. The first floor constitutes four bedrooms with each one designed to look different from the others. The master bedroom provides a fantasy living for having the walk-in closet and the balcony for sightseeing. The garden on the garden floor is loaded with lush greeneries making it a perfect place to dine and chat with the loved ones.

Given above is a list of villas for the beach lovers, but understandably such an extravaganza doesn’t suit most people, therefore you can also get a Emaar Beachfront villa for rent in Dubai.